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Wallace B. Mendelson M.D.


Wallace Mendelson, M.D., is a Professor of Psychiatry and Clinical Pharmacology (ret) at the University of Chicago. He is a Distinguished Fellow of the American Psychiatric Association and a past president of the Sleep Research Society. His most recent books include The Battle over the Butterflies of the Soul: Camillo Golgi, Santiago Ramon y Cajal and the Birth of Neuroscience; The Psychoanalyst and the Nazi Nobelist: The Curious Story of Sigmund Freud and Julius Wagner-Jauregg; Fragile Brilliance: The Troubled Lives of Herman Melville, Edgar Allan Poe, Emily Dickinson, and Other Great Authors; Molecules, Madness and Malaria: How Victorian Fabric Dyes Evolved Into Modern Medicines for Mental Illness and Infectious Disease; and The Curious History of Medicines in Psychiatry.

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