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Srini Pillay M.D.


Srini Pillay, M.D. graduated at the top of his class in medical school in South Africa. After receiving a Medical Research Council Scholarship to study the neurochemistry of panic, he completed his residency at McLean Hospital/Harvard Medical School where he graduated as the most nationally awarded resident in his class. Following this, he directed the Outpatient Anxiety Disorders Program at McLean Hospital and also completed 17 years of nationally-funded brain imaging research. He has been a physician for 25 years, maintains an active clinical practice, and served as Assistant Professor of Psychiatry (Part-time) at Harvard Medical School. He is the chief medical officer and co-founder of Reulay.

Currently, Srini is a member of the by-invitation-only “Group for Advancement of Psychiatry”, an American professional organization of psychiatrists dedicated to shaping psychiatric thinking, public programs, and clinical practice in mental health. The founding group was seeking a way in which American psychiatry could give more forceful leadership, both medically and socially, and as a member of the “Disasters and the World Committee”, Srini’s contributions include but are not limited to two chapters in a book called “Disaster Psychiatry”. Srini is also in multiple collaborations on health-related technology projects.

In addition to his work in psychiatry and brain imaging research, Srini is CEO of NeuroBusiness Group - voted one of the top 20 movers and shakers in leadership development in the world, (Training Industry, 2013). Srini has also consulted regularly for the past 10 years with companies that invest in biotechnology to assess medications in various illnesses including cancer, heart disease, and stroke. Srini is pioneering his neuroscience expertise in the leadership development arena. With a unique, practical approach, Srini shows executives how to harness the brain’s power to manage stress, anxiety, and uncertainty, increase innovation and enhance corporate agility and productivity. Using science, business research, and real-world experience, his methodology receives global acclaim.

His former clients include Novartis, Lockheed Martin, Willis Group, Prudential, Pfizer, Fortune 500 Food/Beverage Companies, and some of the largest Fortune 100 consulting firms. He has also trained leaders at The MITRE Corporation, The Department of Defense, and The Institute for Law Enforcement with great acclaim. When the UN, World Bank, and the International Monetary Fund seek to empower their leaders, they call Srini Pillay. He speaks and teaches throughout the US, Canada, London, Paris, Switzerland, India, Greece, and Brazil. Srini is also among one of ~40 global leaders in learning in a Consortium for Adult Learning and Development at McKinsey & Co. With his background in medicine, psychiatry, brain science, music and technology, Srini is also launching a neurotechnology company, CoolCranium.

Srini and his expertise have been widely featured in the media including CNN, Business News Network, Fox, NPR, The Boston Globe, The New York Times, and Money Magazine. He is a regular contributor to Harvard Business Review and has been featured in Forbes and The Wall Street Journal.

He is the award-winning author of Life Unlocked: 7 Revolutionary Ways to Overcome Fear and Your Brain and Business: The Neuroscience of Great Leaders. His recent book is “Tinker, Dabble, Doodle, Try: Unlock the Power of the Unfocused Mind” (Ballantine Books, 2017). He also recently wrote a children's book to help children reduce fear about pandemics. It is entitled "King T and the Gamma Troupe: Story of a Brave Bodyguard who Vanquished the Viral Villain." Srini has also presented a TEDxTalk – “Wired for Success: The Science of Possibility.”

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