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Rodney Luster Ph.D.


Rodney Luster, Ph.D., is a higher education administrator, entrepreneur, and healthcare practitioner who maintains a private practice as a licensed professional counselor with his own company called Inspirethought, as well as Senior Director of Research Strategy, Innovation, and Development for the College of Doctoral Studies at the University of Phoenix where he also leads the Center for Leadership Studies and Organizational Research.

Rodney is a published researcher with his most recent work published through IGI Global Press, as a chapter contributor for a 2022 book entitled Handbook of Research on Entrepreneurship and Organizational Resilience During Unprecedented Times in which he contributed the chapter The Rise of the Stress Arc: Managing Rapid Onset of Change (ROC) and VUCA Phenomena Through Efficacious Strategy and was also a research team lead contributor to the chapter The Cohesive Factor in Building Resilience and Team Dynamism in a Turbulent Era: Team Motivation and the Organizationally Resilient. He has also written for magazines like "The Psychiatric Times" — First Responders and Mental Health: When Heroes Need Rescuing, "Giddy Magazine" featuring the article Are We in the Middle of a Mental Health Crisis? and "Everyday Health Magazine" — featuring the article What Is a Healthy Relationship With Work? As well, his work on leadership and diversity was also included in the 2021 Journal for Leadership Studies symposia article entitled, Relational Leadership Perspectives of Key Constructs on Diversity, Inclusion, and Social Equity in Higher Education.

He is an active national presenter and conference speaker and will be presenting at the APA 2023 National Conference on three different topics which include: Engaging personality assessments for self-understanding and fostering stronger relational dynamics, The implications of a protein named FosB in addictive behavior and how to challenge it, and Fostering conscious, active imaginal states for clients adverse to engaging full hypnotic states. He has presented in the past at the American Psychological Association's 2021 National Conference on the topic: Utilizing Clinical Hypnotherapeutic Intervention with CBT to Treat Pandemic Symptomology. In addition, Rodney also presented at the ILA-International Leadership Association Geneva 2021 Conference on the following topics: Improving Higher Education's Role in Diversity and Social Equity Through Relational Leadership in the New Era, Using Virtuous Leadership in Chaos to Reimagine Beneficial Practices of Employee Cognitive Psychology, and The Stress Arc in Leadership and Three Powerful Disciplines for Mitigating Stress in a New Era.

He is currently writing a self-help book on fear, as well as exploring fictional writing and short story works.

His exploration of emotion through art has long been a source of inspiration across the fields of his professional career using sculpting and painting to convey the complexity behind the intricate psychology of feelings. His love of artistic expression is translated throughout his current emerging medium and work as a songwriter, with a growing compilation of songs under the name Moody Priest.

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