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Robert Atkinson Ph.D.


Robert Atkinson, Ph.D., is Professor Emeritus at the University of Southern Maine. An author and developmental psychologist, he received the 2017 Nautilus Book Award for The Story of Our Time: From Duality to Interconnectedness to Oneness. His latest publication, as a co-editor, is Our Moment of Choice: Evolutionary Visions and Hope for the Future (2020). His other books include Year of Living Deeply: A Memoir of 1969 (2019), Mystic Journey: Getting to the Heart of Your Soul's Story (2012), and The Gift of Stories: Practical and Spiritual Applications of Autobiography, Life Stories, and Personal Mythmaking (1995). He is founder of Piscataqua Peace Forum, a member of the Evolutionary Leaders, and deeply committed to assisting the evolution of consciousness toward wholeness and unity.

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