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Rachel Allyn Ph.D.


Rachel Allyn, Ph.D., is a psychologist, author, retreat leader, and speaker. Her mission is to help heal centuries of toxic conditioning that has led America to be one of the most repressed countries in the world, and break down the barriers to body connection, emotional intelligence, the healing effects of pleasure, and healthy intimate relationships. She specializes in somatic psychology (releasing trauma stuck in the body and helping people connect with body intelligence to regulate emotions and energy) as it intersects with relationship therapy, intimacy, and sexual health. Yes, all those juicy topics people struggle talking about.

She has been in private practice for the past 16 years working with adults, both individuals and couples. She's also a public speaker, leading seminars, workshops, and wellness retreats (Tulum, Nicaragua, Belize, Baja, Dominican Republic, Lake Superior). Her business is based on research and direct service with clients, helping them release trauma, practice self-regulation, decrease shame and increase resilience, authenticity, and vitality.

Based on the belief that talk therapy alone is not enough, she blends neuroscience and body-centered therapies with Eastern practices (including Buddhist psychology, mindfulness, and Ayurvedic medicine) to help individuals and couples thrive. Sessions often involve her method of "bodyfulness," the topic of her 2019 TEDx talk which blends embodied mindfulness, neuroscience, trauma therapy, and tantra. She teaches people to use the resource of their body as a tool to let go of repression, connect to their inner-knowing, and reclaim pleasure in all areas of their life, in and out of the bedroom. Learn more about bodyfulness and pleasure reclamation in her book from Shambhala Publications called The Pleasure Is All Yours: Reclaim Your Body's Bliss and Reignite Your Passion for Life.

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