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Peter Sear Ph.D.


Peter Sear, Ph.D., is a psychologist, psychotherapist, researcher, and writer completed. Peter completed his Ph.D. at Loughborough University, London: Understanding Empathic Leadership in Sport. He is the author of Empathic Leadership: Lessons From Elite Sport.

After working as an artist and in the property industry, Peter created Poetic Spaces, exploring the psychology of spaces and working with organizations and designers to create environments where human beings thrive. An interest in emotional climates and relationships inspired his Ph.D. research and led to The Empathic Minds Organisation, which considers the role of empathy in industry, society, and culture and the advantages that an empathic approach offers.

Peter also holds a B.Sc. (Hons) in Psychology, an M.A. in Human Resource Management and Industrial Relations, and another M.A. in Jung and Post-Jungian Studies. He is a Fellow of the Royal Society for Arts (FRSA), a Chartered Member of the British Psychological Society (CPsych), and a Senior Member of the Accredited Counselors, Coaches, Psychotherapists, and Hypnotherapists (SMACCPH).

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