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Lisa Thomas LMFT


Lisa Thomas is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, Certified Clinical Sex Therapist, and Licensed Clinical Social Worker practicing in Denver, Colorado.

Lisa specializes in Couples Counseling and Sex Therapy with Individuals and Couples. As a Couples Therapist with a specialization in Sex Therapy, Lisa has the ability to address relationship and sexual issues without bias and provide innovative solutions to individuals and couples who are stuck in old patterns and crave passion and change.

Lisa specializes in reorganizing relationships and educating Individuals and Couples on how to Improve Communication, enhance Sexual Intimacy, Develop Sexual Empathy and Emotionally Connect in this modern day world.

Lisa is a Psychotherapist by day but also has appeared on Television, in Magazines such as Redbook and Self, has Blogged for Refinery29 and has an amazing Podcast, “Family Affairs” which covers all of the questions you are afraid to ask about everything from Online Dating to Divorce to common and not so common Sexual Issues. Find Family Affairs on Itunes today and listen to be in the know.

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