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Juliane Bräuer Ph.D.


Juliane Bräuer, Ph.D., is the head of the DogStudies Lab at the Max Planck Institute for the Science of Human History in Jena, Germany, where she studies the cognitive aspects of dog domestication. In the past, she has studied all four great ape species, wolves, swine, and human children.

Owning a dog, a cat, and a horse herself, Juliane Bräuer has investigated how smart animals are ever since she entered university. Her research interests are dog domestication and comparative cognition. She conducts experimental studies to understand which cognitive skills different species have evolved in order to survive in their ecological niche.

She is a regular speaker on the subject of animal cognition and has co-authored books like The Clever Dog: How You Can Understand Him and Smarter Than We Think: What Animals Are Capable Of.

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