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John T. Maier Ph.D., MSW


John T. Maier, Ph.D., MSW, is an outpatient clinician at the Freedom Trail Clinic in Boston. He previously trained at Boston Medical Center, the Massachusetts Institute of Psychoanalysis, and Simmons University, from which he received his MSW.

He is also an adjunct assistant professor in philosophy at Bentley University. He previously held appointments at Peking University, Cambridge University, Sydney, the ANU, and Colorado, and has delivered invited talks at universities in the US, UK, Germany, South Korea, China, Australia, and New Zealand. He has published articles in leading philosophy journals on topics in the philosophy of action, the philosophy of language, and metaphysics.

His book on the metaphysics of agency, Options & Agency, is under contract with Palgrave Macmillan. He also hosts a podcast, The Anomalous Mind, on topics in mental health.

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