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Hillcrest Psychological Associates


Located in San Diego, California, Hillcrest Psychological Associates specialize in providing high-quality therapeutic services. Our highly-trained mental health professionals provide a broad range of multiculturally-informed therapy services on a variety of issues, including depression, anxiety, trauma/PTSD, grief, counseling specific to the LGBTQ+ community and college/graduate students. At Hillcrest Psychological Associates, we understand the decision to seek therapy involves courage and strength. Our therapists honor the commitment of psychotherapy and instill hope that change is possible. No matter what someone is seeking therapy for, one aspect remains the same: our dedication to a holistic and comprehensive approach to well-being.

Within the values and mission of Hillcrest Psychological Associates, we stand in support of equity and equality; we do so by actively seeking to commit to anti-racist work and anti-discriminatory practices. We use our logo, the Jacaranda tree, as a symbol of hope and what is possible in the unfolding growth of human potential. We value and honor the opportunity to provide a safe space for therapy. We are glad you’re here, and we stand united with you.

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