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Franchell Richard-Hamilton M.D.


Franchell Hamilton, M.D., received her bachelor’s degree in psychology and chemistry summa cum laude from the University of Houston Honors College. She further pursued her education in Lyon, France, where she completed graduate studies in biochemical engineering. She earned her doctorate in medicine from the University of Texas Health Science Center at San Antonio. She then attended Eastern Virginia Medical School to complete her residency and, ultimately, her fellowship at the University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston.

After completing a fellowship in bariatric medicine, Dr. Hamilton went to work helping patients afflicted by struggles with obesity. She founded A Better Weigh Center—a place for her patients to receive treatments ranging from bariatric surgery and medical weight loss to hormone therapy without judgment. As her practice grew, she began seeing more and more patients, but many had the same recurring issue—weight regain with the return of their other medical conditions. To provide results with longevity, she developed the "4 Pillars of Transformation," a weight loss and wellness system reaching communities. Dr. Hamilton was able to better provide a treatment plan for each patient that addresses not only their disease but also the root cause and methods to prevent it from recurring. She now also trains other providers on the 4 Pillars program. She is also the author of Transformation Is a Mindset: The Journey to Changing Your Input and Your World.

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