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Eva M. Krockow Ph.D.


Eva Krockow is a German-born, UK-dwelling psychologist, decision researcher and amateur yogi. In her strictly no-jargon blog on the lighter side of decision science, she discusses mind-boggling psychology concepts, odd snippets of decision trivia, and—if you’re lucky—some useful advice for everyday decision making. Eva’s articles cover both core decision theories as well as brand new research findings… all with a fun little yogic twist! In fact, she’ll bend over backwards, and take a flexible approach to make you fall in love with science just as much as she has.

Eva studied Psychology at the University of Leicester and International Politics for a Masters at Durham University. Following three years of professional employment in the field of international development, which led her to Belgium, West Africa and Germany, she returned to academia, completed a Ph.D., and now works as an Assistant Professor in Psychology at the University of Leicester. She is the Lead of her Department's Health & Wellbeing Research Strand, and researches health-related decision making. Put simply, she studies how people make decisions and how these decisions can be improved. After a research visit to Japan, and due to her personal interests in foreign languages and cultures, a part of Eva’s work also focuses on cross-cultural differences.

In addition to peer-reviewed journal publications, Eva has authored articles in the online newspaper The Conversation and participated in radio interviews and podcasts. She speaks seven languages (more or less fluently), loves travelling, and has a passion for tea.

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