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E. PAUL ZEHR, Ph.D., is a professor, an author, and a martial artist at the University of Victoria. He is passionate about the popularization of science using superheroes as foils for human achievement and ability. His recent pop-sci books include BECOMING BATMAN (2008), INVENTING IRON MAN (2011), PROJECT SUPERHERO (2014), and CHASING CAPTAIN AMERICA (2018).

His innovative work as head of the Rehabilitation Neuroscience Laboratory focuses on the recovery of function after neurotrauma using integrated whole body movement.

At an early age martial arts got him into science and he continues his daily practice in Victoria where he also teaches karate and Ryukyu kobujutsu in the community.

Paul is a regular speaker at conferences and comic conventions including San-Diego International Comic Con and New York Comic Con and has presented to the Academy of Motion Pictures Arts and Sciences on the science of superheroes. In addition to articles and interviews on exercise, science and superheroes in Flipside: The Science, Engineering, and Technology Magazine for Teenagers, Scientific American Online, Men’s Health, Men’s Fitness, Maxim, Popular Mechanics, Discover and Maclean’s magazines, Zehr also blogs at Scientific American.

Zehr won the 2012 Craigdarroch Award for Research Communications at the University of Victoria and the 2015 Science Educator Award from the Society for Neuroscience. "Project Superhero" received the 2015 Silver Medal for Juvenile Fiction from the North American Independent Book Publishers.

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