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David Udelf Psy.D.


David Udelf, Psy.D., has extensive and diverse experience as a clinical and sport psychologist, combined with 40-plus years of coaching. Practicing at Becker, Udelf, and Associates, a private practice he co-founded 1992, he maintains offices on the east and west sides of the Greater Cleveland (Ohio) area.

Dr. Udelf serves individual athletes—professional and amateur—representing a wide range of ages, sports, and abilities. He consults with numerous public and private schools, universities, athletic departments, leagues, and youth sports programs. Dr. Udelf currently serves the Marshall University baseball team.

Media activity has been a constant throughout Dr. Udelf’s career. A former sportswriter, he currently does media coverage of the National Football League. He has hosted and co-hosted several radio talk shows and served as an expert commentator on numerous local and national radio and television programs, including The Jerry Springer Show.

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