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David J Bredehoft Ph.D.


David J. Bredehoft, Ph.D., is a professor emeritus and former chair of the Social and Behavioral Sciences Department at Concordia University, St. Paul, MN. He is a psychologist specializing in marriage and family. Bredehoft is the author of books including How Much Is Too Much? Raising Likeable, Responsible, Respectful Children -From Toddlers To Teens- In An Age Of Overindulgence (Da Capo Press), and Family Life Education: Integrating Theory and Practice (National Council on Family Relations). How Much Is Too Much? has been translated into 10 languages including Italian, Greek, Russian, Chinese, Icelandic, and Estonian. Family Life Education: Integrating Theory and Practice have been translated into Chinese.

Dr. Bredehoft has published articles in journals and magazines and has presented papers at national conventions, all relating to interests in psychology, parenting, and families. Dr. Bredehoft was named "2003 Certified Family Life Educator of the Year" by the National Council on Family Relations.

A trusted parenting expert who offers empathetic and practical solutions, Dr. Bredehoft has been interviewed on the Marilu Henner Show, the Army Wife Radio by Tara Crooks, by Randi Mazzella a freelance writer for Teen Life, Doctor Radio-SiriusXM81’s on About Our Kids show, Joanne Richard for the Toronto Sun, Julie Scelfo of the Boston Globe, Jenni Stahlmann and Jody Hagaman of the Herald-Tribune, and Katherine Lee for verywellfamily.

His blog about childhood overindulgence for Psychology Today is titled The Age of Overindulgence. He frequently speaks at schools and conferences. His work is informed by research and offers practical real-life solutions.

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(1) ParentWhys. Episode 9: "Why didn’t I realize I was overindulging my kid?"

(2) Expat Happy Hour. "Am I Unknowingly Spoiling My Kids? Overindulgence With Dr. Bredehoft."


  1. The University of Minnesota Alumni Association presented a free webinar titled "Guiding Parents in the Age of Overindulgence" on March 6, 2015. You can view the webinar for free on YouTube.
  2. "Parenting in an Overindulgent World: Up-to-date Research on Overindulgence for Family Life Educators webinar." Jean Illsley Clarke, Ph.D., CFLE, and David Bredehoft, Ph.D., CFLE, discuss childhood overindulgence and implications for parents, grandparents, and educators.

Online Class:

  1. Parenting in the Age of Overindulgence”. Dr. Bredehoft was a consultant for this free online parenting course through the University of Minnesota Extension.
  2. "Parenting with a Good Heart". Dr. Bredehoft's research was the basis for this free online parenting course through the University of Minnesota Extension.

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