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Charles R. Chaffin Ed.D.


Dr. Charles Chaffin’s work encompasses a broad range of fields, from cognitive and educational psychology to financial planning and investing. He has served as the author or lead editor of 7 different books within financial planning and cognitive psychology, helping practitioners become more client-centered as well as helping individuals and companies address distraction in the workplace.

Dr. Charles Chaffin consults with numerous organizations and delivers keynote presentations on topics ranging from our biases related to saving and investing to ways to help employees and executives become more productive and creative. Dr. Chaffin recently released three books including Numb, which focuses on how to manage all the pushes and pulls on our attention. He also is co-author of the Psychology of Financial Planning: The Practitioner’s Guide to Money & Behavior, which helps financial advisors develop deeper relationships with financial planning clients. For more information, visit

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