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Charles H. Browning Ph.D.


Charles Browning, Ph.D., is an authority in CBT and Professional Solution-Focused Therapy with a Ph.D. in psychology, has dedicated over 40 years to pioneering his revolutionary approach to counseling known as Mindset-Reset Therapy. Through these breakthrough strategies, he swiftly helps resolve personal and relationship struggles.

You can see how his methods work in practical, results-based outcomes by following his blogs.

"My passion always is to help men, women, teens, and couples break free of some very heavy and painful chains in their personal lives by learning how to replace negative stinkin' thinkin' with practical wisdom that leads to deep and lasting peace—for them personally, and in their most important love relationships,” Browning says.

“We do this in what we call Mindset-Reset Therapy. Throughout my career as a therapist, I've observed that many forms of counseling produce change, but those changes don’t seem to last over time. Why? Because the focus is typically on problems instead of finding simple, easy-to-apply, quick-to-learn choices and solutions for major and dramatic breakthroughs.

He is the author of a soon-to-be-released tutorial and reference guide, Victorious Grief, giving a structured approach to getting from being overwhelmed by the death of a loved one to overcoming bereavement with a renewed and changed mindset. An accompanying workbook will also be available, as well as a step-by-step guide to forming and running a Victorious Grief Support Group.

Browning would love to hear your stories, experiences, and breakthroughs by applying what you discover in his blogs, answering any questions you may have.

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