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Bill Kavanagh


My first career began when I was employed as a graphic designer in the entertainment field. Within a few years, I was promoted to producer and creative director of a national production company. I subsequently founded my own production company. After several years, I left to tour the country as creative director of a musical raising money to combat AIDS.

A move to Los Angeles boosted my career, initially through working for Dick Clark Productions, and then the Walt Disney Company. I left Los Angeles temporarily to be Manager of Ceremonies for the Olympics in Salt Lake City and for the World Tour of the Olympic torch for the Athens Olympics.

Soon after, I was diagnosed with Stage IV lymphoma. That experience changed my life in a positive way. Subsequently, I spent two years developing a company called “NEXT,” which was dedicated to presenting seminars to address many of the same subjects.

I was determined to become an expert in several areas of healing. I went back to school and received my Master’s in clinical psychology at Antioch University, with a specialization in LGBTQ studies. I was honored when I was selected to be the commencement speaker.

I worked full-time for five years, and still continue part-time in my work for Cancer Support Community Los Angeles, the founding office of a national organization dedicated to providing psychosocial support in the care of cancer.

I received training from the Los Angeles LGBT Center, and I still facilitate a group through that organization for gay men with prostate cancer. I also worked for Being Alive, supporting patients who are HIV-positive.

Until recently, I was employed for five years as an addiction counselor for Hazelden Betty Ford. I left so that I could focus on my private practice as a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, specializing in addiction, major illness, LGBTQ, and anyone struggling to find meaning and purpose.

My aim is to bring hope and happiness to anyone struggling with a challenge. It was important to me that I come from a place of professional expertise as well as personal experience and wisdom. I have lived, loved, and laughed. Now, I am ready to help others heal and do the same.

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