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7 Steps for Men to Boost Their Tinder Game

Don't swipe right before trying these tips.

Sam Williams / Pixabay
Sam Williams / Pixabay

Male clients often complain to me that they cannot find anyone on Tinder, and that women have a much easier time on dating apps than they do. Is finding love on dating apps more challenging for men than women?

Problems for Men on Tinder

First, the ratio of men to women is critical. If the proportion is off-balanced and there are fewer women, you will have men that will not get matches. According to, Tinder has the most uneven ratio, with 21.9% women and 78.1% men.

With such discrepancy, women on dating apps tend to be very selective. They have high expectations. Women on the apps have ghosted men with no explanation or set up dates and not shown up (as have men). This can become daunting for men.

7 Ways Men Can Boost Their Chances on Dating Apps

1. Make your profile picture as strong as you can. Invest in a good haircut, wear an outfit that suits you, and makes you feel confident, shows good posture. You may want to have the photos taken professionally if possible. Select your best five or six and use those. Since dating apps are so competitive, this may be worth the financial investment. To get the most "bang for your buck," use those same dating profile pictures on all your social media. (People also may find love on other social media sites like Facebook and Instagram.)

2. Make your dating profile stand out. Get creative, and do not copy. You are going for authentic and genuine. For example, if you are a fan of the television show Survivor, start by saying, "Wow, I just saw a hilarious scene on season 16 of Survivor – message me if you want me to tell you what happened." This will stand out, peak curiosity, and draw interest from women who are interested in the same shows as you.

3. As you write your profile, write as if you are speaking directly to the woman on the other side. Try going for something thought-provoking, for example, "I grew up hearing my grandmother tell me, above all else, you always need to make a special woman laugh." Ideally, a woman reading this may relate and think about her own grandmother telling her to find someone who makes her laugh. She may want to learn more about you and your nana.

4. Get the best profile handle you can. You want this handle to tell her something about you in a millisecond, along with your picture. It should put a smile on her face and entice her to keep reading; for example, "BabyComeBack" may intrigue her, encourage her not to keep scrolling, and let her know that you're familiar with tunes from the 1970s.

5. Let other women review your pictures and dating profile. Your mom, aunt, sister, female friends, and even therapists can help. It makes sense that if it is women you want to attract, other women can guide you.

6. When you match with a woman, plan to meet quickly. It is a good idea to "break away" from the dating app as quickly and meet in the real world. People's perspectives immediately shift when they transition from "a guy on an app" to "a guy in real life."

7. Last, and most important, do not only use dating apps to try and find love. Use parties, friends, and everyday outings; everywhere and anywhere is an opportunity to find what you are looking for. Don't get too caught up in ultra-competitive dating apps. Good luck out there!


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