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What Your Brain Says Is Your Greatest Superpower

Forget time and money. Your brain tells you the truth.

Do you often feel exhausted, depleted, and stressed by a life that just won’t quit?

Too often, we make an understandable mistake: We obsess over our relationship with time.

Andrea Piacquadio/Pexels
Source: Andrea Piacquadio/Pexels

From life-hacks to planners to apps, we believe that if we can just catch Father Time, we can finally gain control of our lives. In fact, our belief in time is so great that many suggest time is your greatest resource.

Time is not your greatest resource.

It is your energy.

When you are tired of merely managing your life and ready to start leading it, the place to begin is by designing a new relationship with your sacred energy.

As a neuropsychologist, I spend my time helping people align their emotional energy from a place of pain to a place of power. To use more technical descriptions, my work focuses on trauma and resilience. But let’s leave the language of the academy and talk about your Holy Brain and its Sacred Energy.

Your beautiful, soggy, gelatinous three-pound brain is the most exquisite electrochemical machine in the world.

I can tell you that when people rise from the depths of despair, the thing they have most desperately longed for is not a connection with time, but a reunification with their holy energy.

Life is most fundamentally about energy. From the breaking of the dawn to the crashing of the sea, nature blazes with its wild energy. And, though we might try to convince ourselves otherwise, we are ceaselessly plugged into this natural circuit. Like a lock that cannot be broken, Life binds itself to you with a singular promise: That there will be energy.

And so from the first moment Life enters you until the final moment it leaves, the energy zips and zings. Think about this: When you die, cold does not enter you.

Rather heat, the warm current of Life itself, leaves you. For some of us, it will drip, drip, drip until its last drop. And for some of us, pow! It leaves in an explosion.

What I am suggesting to you is this: Put aside the planners for a moment. Turn down the alarms. Take a rest from the life hack scheduling. I'm not saying it's not worthwhile; I'm simply suggesting you create enough space to ask what is arguably the most important question of your life: What threatens my energy and what must I do to protect it?

It is energy, and not time, that creates the beating of your heart, the rushing of your blood, and the zinging of your brain.

In my research, when we put people in fMRI scanners and cause them some form of pain, energy appears in very specific ways in the brain.

There is a larger, more powerful message here: Einstein told us that energy can never be created or destroyed. It can only be transformed.

If you do not transform your pain, you will transmit it.

And so it is this energy, the energy of your unprocessed pain, on which the quality of your life depends. If you want to change your life, it begins with coming into a new relationship with your energy.