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Lucas Richert Ph.D.
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The history of pharmacy, drugs, and mental medicine

Pharmacy history, at its core, is meant to advance the knowledge and understanding of medicines and the people involved. My work in the field addresses intoxicants, pharmaceuticals, and mental health. Some of the topics I explore include psychedelics, cannabis, and the practice of mental medicine. I hope you enjoy the blog!

The title, Hygieia’s Workshop, is a reference to the ancient goddess of the same name. Hygieia was worshipped as a deity of health. Related to Asclepius (the god of medicine), she was directly linked to the prevention of sickness and the continuation of good health. Yet over time she has been become associated with pharmacy. Today, the bowl of Hygieia acts as an international symbol for the pharmacy profession. A tip of the cap to her seemed an appropriate way to label a blog about my research into mental medicine, drugs, and pharmacy history.

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