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How Men and Women Think About Sex

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Men's Sexual Experiences and Attitudes
Do men really think about sex more often than women do?

It’s widely assumed that men think about sex more than women do, but in studies, the differences are fairly small (and men also thought about other basic human needs, like food, more often than women). Surveys estimate that men may think about sex eight times a day, on average, as opposed to about six times for women. Men do appear more likely to think about certain kinds of sex, such as threesomes, far more often than women.

Do men have more sexual partners than women do?

The fact that heterosexual men tend to report having more sexual partners than most heterosexual women admit to has long puzzled researchers: If men are having so much more sex, then who are they having it with? Recent studies suggest that, in surveys, men overestimate the number of sexual partners they have had, while women more accurately recall this information.

Women's Sexual Experiences and Attitudes
Do men or women desire sex more?

Recent research has successfully debunked many long-held stereotypes about differences between male and female desire. For example, women enjoy casual sex about as much as men do, and admit to that in studies when the perception of social stigma is eliminated. Also, women are choosier about mates only when it comes to choosing men who approach them. When women approach men for casual hookups, they are no more or less discriminating.

Is female sexual attraction more fluid than men’s?

According to studies, yes, it is. When viewing arousing videos, both heterosexual and lesbian women were equally aroused by male-female, male-male, and female-female pairs. This is not necessarily a sign that women are inherently bisexual, but that women’s attraction is more fluid than men’s. Women with stronger sex drives, no matter their orientation, were also more likely to be aroused by a wider range of scenarios than other women.

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